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Some of our treatments for injuries and associated painful conditions 


Discogenic Cervical (neck) & Lumbar (lower back) pain – These treatments may involve medication as needed to control pain and injections targeting spine/disc derangement causing acute or chronic pain.


  • Epidural steroid injection for general disc protrusion under X Ray guidance with monitored IV sedation & pain free

  • Transforaminal steroid injection where specific spinal nerve compression is treated with steroid under X Ray guidance with monitored IV sedation will also be prescribed as needed

  • Facet joint injection with steroid to relieve pain arising from the small joints around the spine under X Ray guidance

  • Selective spinal nerve injection to diagnose injury to nerves vs disc protrusion

  • Sympathetic nerve injections under X Ray guidance to relieve pain with chronic injuries to arm / leg and / or nerves in those areas

  • Pain relieving medications and adjuvant medications (for depression, sleep disorders, and muscle relaxation) will also be prescribed as needed

  • Ketamine infusion for intractable pain / depression


The goal for these treatments is to help the patient recover the function, reduce or eliminate disability and improve the quality of their lives by helping them cope effectively with pain.


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